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How to Track Someone's Location with Phone Number

16 Nov 2023, 19:17 GMT+10


New Delhi [India], November 16: While location-based services have been widespread for years, the rapid growth of smartphones and apps utilizing this feature has made geolocation a part of our daily lives. Ultimately, how to track the location of a phone number has become a concern.

3 Top-Notch Apps to Track Location by Phone Number

Here is a sneak peek at the top 3 apps to track phone number location remotely:

* GEOfinder - Number 1 mobile phone number tracker for real-time location of Android, iPhone, or any other device.

* uMobix - Best phone tracker to find the location of a smartphone without them knowing.

* - The robust online tool to track phone through mobile number via a unique approach.

Reasons to Track Someone's Location

The motivation behind location tracking depends on different aspects, and whether for spouse checking or parental control, it is possible to find answers to some questions.

Locate a Lost Cell Phone

Have you ever lost your mobile phone and been through a short panic attack? Thanks to phone tracker apps, detecting a device's location on the map is easier than ever.

Efficient GPS trackers are equipped with up-to-date geolocation features that can spy on iPhone with just the number or track lost Android devices remotely. These spyware tools use Google Maps to provide accurate location data for the lost phone and ensure the safety of your gadget with simple but innovative phone number tracking solutions.

Parental Supervision

Internet and social media can sometimes pose risks to young individuals and make families take extra measures for the digital safety of their children. Parents who want to know about the whereabouts of their kid refer to spy apps with location-sharing features, showing the live location of the target phone without them knowing.

As one of the finest parental control tools, phone tracking apps monitor the visited places and destinations of your kid with a single phone number. Plus, a more comprehensive monitoring of calls, messages, or website entries can also be conducted with advanced spyware options.

Spouse Tracking

The digital environments and online interactions reshaped the concept of infidelity among couples. A recent study on Facebook affairs revealed that 51% of the users did not feel guilty for having an emotional affair on the platform. Another survey on the concept of adultery on virtual platforms showed that half of male participants in a relationship considered maintaining an online dating profile normal.

In this regard, trusting your significant other has become more difficult than ever, and individuals have started to seek answers for how to track someone's location with phone number. To avoid a possible confrontation, spouses remotely track their partner's cell phone location by merely using their phone number.

Is It Possible to Track Location by Phone Number?

Extensive spy apps monitor the online and offline phone activity of the aimed device and find someone's location via advanced geolocation services and GPS signals. They might require intricate installation steps, rooting, or jailbreak. However, online location trackers can find the exact location of the device with a single phone number.

How to Track Phone Number Location

How to track someone's location with phone number usually depends on the extent of monitoring features the spyware tool offers. Below are the top 3 apps to track the location history and GPS coordinates of the target phone anonymously.

GEOfinder - Best App to Track Location by Phone Number is a reliable location tracking app providing online GPS services for Android and iOS devices. No downloading, rooting, or jailbreaking procedures are required to initiate location tracking, and users can enter the phone number to see the real-time location of the device

The spyware is able to track:

* Precise location on the map

* IP address of the smartphone

* Wi-Fi connections

* VPN data

* Phone carrier and SIM card

As the best app to track location by phone number, GEOfinder uses link-inserted messages to track phone numbers. Users can send it to the receiver via SMS, WhatsApp, or other messaging platforms. Once the phone owner clicks on the link, remote location tracking starts. Other features of the tracker include:

* Unlimited device tracking for 1-month subscription

* Anonymous GPS service for the current location of the cell phone

* Simple and quick solutions on how to track location with phone number

* $1 trial for 48 hours

To find the exact location of a person with GEOfinder, follow the easy steps below and start instant monitoring of your kid's or spouse's mobile device.

1. Visit, enter the phone number you want to track, and click on "Find".

2. Enter a valid email address and accept the Terms of Service.

3. Choose the payment method of your preference and complete the purchasing process.

4. Go to the GEOfinder main page and click on "Login" in the top right corner. Sign in to your user account and track someone by their phone number.

uMobix - All-Round GPS Tracker, Social Media Tracker, Keylogger, and More

uMobix GPS tracker is an all-inclusive phone tracking tool that can successfully find someone's location on Google Maps simultaneously. Like, uMobix spyware is designed to track location using phone number and an anonymous text message. It also uses other device information, such as GPS signals, Wi-Fi connections, and SIM Card data, to pin down the location of the device.

uMobix can:

* Track GPS coordinates of mobile devices

* Provides map view, longitude, and latitude data of the tracked address

* Shows when the phone owner departs from/comes to location

* Track someone's location with the geofinder feature without installation

* Locate coordinates by monitoring Wi-Fi connections

uMobix spy app offers customers a free trial upon request, and a demo version highlighting the main monitoring features is available on the official website for free. The "Features" Menu on the homepage also provides brief manuals on how to track location with phone number and geolocation service. Apart from spying on someone's location remotely, uMobix features:

* Extensive monitoring of calling, messaging, social media, and browsing activities

* Logging every keystroke

* Real-time GPS tracking without rooting/jailbreaking

* Live demo for the user dashboard

* 14-day money-back guarantee

To track phone number location using uMobix, here are the Android and iOS setup stages:

1. Visit uMobix official website and click on "Try Now".

2. Choose the mobile brand you need to track location of; it's just a formality.

3. Pick up a subscription plan and proceed to the payment page.

4. Choose one of the safe payment options and purchase your plan.

5. Access your uMobix dashboard and follow the installation guides to track someone's location on Android and iOS devices.

6. Know someone's location with the best app to track phone number. - Track the Location of a Phone Number by Picture

Do you wonder how to track location of phone number without being caught? Do you have concerns about the safety of your child and want to track their location on a synchronized map view? offers you peace of mind with trustworthy tracking operations and time-saving monitoring solutions.

Similar to the GEOfinder phone tracker, this online spyware is developed to track someone's location through a single phone number. It is download-free and offers a modern geolocation service suitable for all mobile brands around the world. The spying tool performs discreet and fast location tracking on:

* Real-time Google Maps movements

* IP address of the target phone

* VPNs and sites used

* Mobile carrier, OS, and SIM Card

* Wi-Fi routes and mobile network

Users can create their customized message along with an attached picture, piquing interest, and a tracking link right after the registration and share it with the receiver via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Subscribing for grants you the following features.

* Remote access to precise GPS data

* Easy-to-use tracking options compatible with any operating system

* Installation, rooting/jailbreaking-free location tracking

* Phone number tracking with a specially-generated link

* Current location tracking by picture

A couple of minutes is enough to sign up for the app and track person by phone number.

1. Visit and click on "Get started".

2. Create an account with an email address and accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

3. Choose the subscription pack of your preference and proceed to the payment page.

4. Enter your credit/debit card details or choose the crypto payment and purchase the LocationTracker mobile app to track location with phone number.

5. Log in to your user account, enter the phone number you want to track, and send them a message or upload an interesting picture to the site, create your message, and send it along with a tracking link.

6. Wait for the receiver to click on the link and retrieve location data instantly. Find the current location of the mobile device without them knowing.


How to track a switched off phone number?

Many individuals wonder how to track location of phone number that is turned off. If you lost your phone or have it switched off, it is best to use the free apps to find the last location of your device. For Android phones, check the latest destination via Find My Device and use Find My App for iOS. In iOS 15+, there is an option to follow even a switched off device.

Is it legal to track phone number discreetly?

Most GPS location trackers follow legal regulations on personal data sharing and inform users about privacy policies. Thus, for safe location tracking, it is best to avoid violating the rights of the persons and inform your kid or partner about the GPS monitoring you conduct.

How to find a phone number on Google Maps?

If you aim to track phone number location free of any charge, Google Maps is the best choice for you. Access the target Android phone and go to Google Maps settings. Turn on "Location Sharing" and add your name to the list. Select "Until you turn this off" and track the real-time coordinates of the device for free.

Final Verdict

We've explored the top 3 apps for remotely tracking phone number locations, each with unique features and capabilities. Powerful location tracking apps such as uMobix promise effective monitoring solutions for a safe digital environment. To each their own, as they say, so if you need an all-round phone tracker with a myriad of features, opt for uMobix. LocationTracker will take pinning down someone's location by picture in its stride, while the best phone number tracking solution would be GEOfinder - the number 1 choice for tracking someone's location by phone number with minimum effort. All of them may lend you a free trial to boot.

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